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    SciCan OPTIM 1 RTU Disinfectant Wipes, 6" x 7" (unscented), 160 Sheets/Can

    OPTIM 1, One-step cleaner & disinfectant


    1 Minute Fast Contact Time

    A contact time is the amount of time a surface must stay wet for disinfection to occur. OPTIM 1's contact times are faster which ensures compliance and provides confidence that disinfection has been achieved.
    OPTIM 1 has been proven effective against difficult to kill pathogens such as Adeno, Polio, and Norovirus, giving you confidence that your facility is protected against pathogens of concern.

    SciCan OPTIM Pump, for 4L Jug, 1 Pump/U

    SciCan OPTIM Pump, for a 4L jug is a necessary tool to use your OPTIM solution, conveniently and without spilling. The pump and sprayer ensure you make the most of your OPTIM.