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    LIGHTHOUSE™ Blue Drug Disposal Service, 1 Disp/Service ($2 of this donated to Watersheds)

    The LIGHTHOUSE Drug Disposal Service is designed to safely dispose of expired medications. All expired drugs are safely and efficiently destroyed, the process reduces waste heading to landfills and creates clean energy that displaces fossil fuels as an energy source. Waste-to-energy facilities, environmental responsibility and business development go hand-in-hand.


    You can now conveniently dispose of the expired medication with LIGHTHOUSE Drug Disposal Service in simple steps:

      • You will receive a drug disposal bag (blue) and a return label (sticker) with your replenishment package.
      • Paste the return label on the drug disposal bag.
      • Fill the bag with expired drugs from your clinic (up to 3 lbs)
      • Remove the strip from the bag and press for a permanent seal.
      • Call Purolator at 1888-SHIP-123 and schedule a pickup.

    Drug disposal service