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    Zendo Select Rigid BR Snap Set HD with Controlled Flow, 2x50ml cartridges + 6 mixing cannulas

    Key Benefits & Benefits

    • Hard and Fast setting bite registration
    • Can be cut and contoured due to its high final hardness
    • Thixotropic property prevents undesired flow and allows an easy removal
    • Comes in an auto mix cartridge
    • Controlled Flow™ Technology = Thixotropic property
    • Composition – Vinyl Silicones
    • Snap Set (45 sec.) - shorter intra oral setting time with longer working time
    • Indication-centric occlusions and other matrices for all impression taking procedures e.g., for taking intraoral registrations with posts ,bite fork technique

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    Zendo SELECT TRANSBITE 2 cartridges 1:1 of 50 ml each + 6 mixing canula

    Key Benefits & Benefits

    • Composition- Vinyl Silicone
    • Color- Transparent (occlusion visibility)
    • Auto mix cartridge for a bubble free direct application
    • Working time – 25 sec (mouth closure recommended in 25 sec)
    • Setting time - 2 Minutes (time in mouth)
    • Fast set time for patient comfort
    • Storage-No shrinkage for months

    Indication for use

    • Bite registration and matrix material for light and cured composite and chair side Veneers
    • Fabrication of transmission impressions for orthodontic brackets using the indirect technique

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    Zendo Tips for heavy transbt. Rigid, Mixing Cannulas 6,5-11D, Green, 50 per pack

    The mixing cannulas are intended for use with Select Rigid BR, an extremely hard and fast setting bite registration material. These tips are made in Switzerland.

    The automatically mixed material is applied directly onto the occlusal areas. The bite should be closed within 20 seconds after the beginning of the extruding (working or application time at 23°C or 74 °C). The recommended time in the mouth is about 45 seconds.

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