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    Zendo Select Rigid BR Snap Set HD with Controlled Flow, 2x50ml cartridges + 6 mixing cannulas

    Select Rigid BR is an extremely hard and fast setting bite registration material. With the Automix-cartridge Select Rigid BR can be syringed directly onto the teeth. The bite registration material is based on addition curing vinyl silicones. Select Rigid BR can be used for centric occlusions. It can also be applied as key material e.g. for taking intraoral registrations with posts. Finally, it can be used for the bite fork technique. Select Rigid BR is very suitable for cutting and contouring because of its extremely high final hardness.

    It comes in a convenient cartridge system with 2 cartridges of 50 ml each and 6 mixing canula.

    Handling instructions:

    • The automatically mixed material is applied directly onto the occlusal areas. The bite should be closed within 20 seconds after the beginning of the extruding (working or application time at 23°C or 74 °C). The recommended time in mouth is about 45 seconds.


    • Controlled Flow™ Technology
    • Hard, fast setting bite registration material
    • Snap Set - shorter intra oral setting time with longer working time
    • Ideal for occlusion and other matrices for all impression taking procedures requiring a rigid, fast setting
    • 45 second snap set with no distortion and greater accuracy
    • Exceptional elasticity and minimal distortion

    Package contains:

    • Zendo SELECT RIGID BR 2 cartridges 1:1 of 50 ml each + 6 mixing canula


    Part Number: 951158302
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    Zendo SELECT NANOFILL REFILL CAPS A3.5 20 capsules of 0.3G each

    Select NanoFill is made of low shrink low abrasion light cure nano filled composite with improved handling features.

    It is a visible light cure nano filled composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Beside its low shrink and low abrasion, it shows improved handling features and excellent mechanical properties. It is based on urethanedimethacrylate resin and inorganic filler particles <1.0 μm. The total filler content is 82 % (wt) and 74% (vol).

    Available Shades:

    • A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, C2, OA2, BL
    • Available in caps and syringes

    Key Features:

    • Low Shrinkage - 1.8%
    • Elasticity Modulus - 10.1 GPa
    • Compressive Strength - 350 MPa
    • Radiopacity - 280 mmAL
    • Flexural Strength - 155 MPa

    User benefits:

    • BPA and BPA derivative Free!
    • Light cured TRUE nano-hybrid
    • Amazing chameleon properties
    • Suitable for all classes of restorations
    • Stays where placed - non sticky, wax like consistency
    • Excellent polishability
    • Highly filled, 82% by weight. Up to 50% less resin than other hybrid composites
    • Low shrinkage at 1.8%

    Package contains:

    • 20 capsules of 0.3G each

    Zendo SELECT SIL FIRM PUTTY, BLUE, FAST SET 2 containers of 400g each + 2 mixing spoons

    Select Sil Firm Putty is used as a base impression material for the putty/wash impression technique in conjunction with Select Sil Light Body Super Hydrophilic.

    Select Sil Firm Putty is a kneadable precision impression material based on addition curing vinyl silicone. Select Sil Firm Putty is easy to mix and not sticky.

    It comes in 2 containers of 400G each.

    Handling instructions:

    • Perforated or non-perforated metal or plastic trays may be used with Select Sil Firm Putty. In order to improve adhesion of Select Sil Firm Putty to the tray, a suitable adhesive should be applied according to the corresponding instructions before loading the impression tray. Use equal parts (volume or weight) of base paste and catalyst paste. Take the base paste with the dark measuring spoon and the catalyst paste with the white measuring spoon. Knead until the colour is homogeneous (at least 30 seconds). Load the ready kneaded material into the prepared tray. Insert the loaded tray in the mouth not later than 1:30 minutes (working time at 23°C or 74°F) after start of mix. Maintain position for at least 2 minutes. The fast set takes 2 minutes to set.


    • Superior hydrophilic wettability and detail in the sulcus area
    • Unsurpassed dimensional stability for improved accuracy and tear strength
    • Fast intra oral set times to reduce your patients’ discomfort
    • Outstanding elastic recovery - keeps its shape after removal from patients’ mouth
    • Won't distort or expand in disinfecting solutions

    Package contains:

    • Zendo SELECT SIL FIRM PUTTY, BLUE, FAST SET 2 containers of 400g each + 2 mixing spoons