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    Brand: SteriPac

    SteriPac All-In-One Surgery Kit, 1 Assy/Bag

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    An ALL-IN-ONE Surgical procedure kit includes all the disposable products that the surgical team needs for all dental surgery procedures. The essential items are precisely placed in order of use according to the surgical teams' requirements.


    Using an ALL-IN-ONE surgical procedure kit means you will no longer need to take the time to individually order the disposable products that you would typically use in advance of the surgery. Inventory is more easily managed without having to keep track of a high number of supplies from different suppliers. The surgical staff has only to open their kit containing all the necessary products at the start of the surgery. 

    Part Number: 441231901

    Key Features and Clinical Benefits:

    • Optimize working time and costs
    • Improve efficiencies in the operating room
    • Create an optimal working environment
    • Allow you to focus on the patient
    • Single SKU tracking of the sterile components

    Kit Includes:

    • 2 Light blue gowns with cuffs (length 110 cm)
    • 2 Split air saliva ejectors with extractable transparent cap (length 12.5 cm)
    • 2 Round caps with elastic
    • 20 Folded compresses with 4 layers (5x5 cm)
    • 1 Transparent bag with sliding ties for physiodispensers (67x75 cm)
    • 5 Sheaths with inserter Omnisleeve (120x7 cm)
    • 1 Absorbent/Waterproof drape with adhesive side (50x50 cm)
    • 3 Adhesive film sheets (17x26 cm)
    • 1 Cannula, model Omniasurg
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