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    Brand: Septodont

    Septodont Septanest® N Articaine hydrochloride 4% and Epi 1:200,000 Inj , 50x1.7ml Carp/Bx

    Septanest contains Articaine HCI 4% with 1:200,000 epinephrine injection.
    Part Number: 211299146

    Septanest is indicated for local, infiltrative, or conductive anesthesia in both simple and complex dental procedures.


    • Local or loco-regional dental anesthesia in patients of at least 4 years old

    Features and Benefits:

    • Fast onset to avoid delay before effective analgesia is achieved
    • No-methylparaben formulation to avoid allergic reactions on sensitive patients
    • Latex-free plungers and seals
    • High epinephrine concentration to improve blood control on the procedure’s site
    • Terminal sterilization of product/cartridges for safe use
    • Milar label covered glass cartridges to minimize risk of wound in the event of a cartridge breakage


    • 50 cartridges – A box of 5 blisters of 10 x 1.7 ml glass cartridges

    Septanest is indicated for local, infiltrative, or conductive anesthesia in both simple and complex dental procedures.

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