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    Monday, January 11, 2021

    Periodontal Disease: Looking through a new lens

    With the many changes in our clinical practice, and more coming for the foreseeable future, we must utilize any and all adjunctive therapies that can help reduce oral disease and inflammation.
    Chrissy Ford, a highly experienced registered dental hygienist, speaks on the Coronavirus as it poses a much higher risk to people living with pre-existing conditions and systemic inflammation. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we consider the role we play as true health care providers to support our patients to optimal oral and overall health.

    The Oral Cavity: It can be chaotic without the right probiotic

    An educational BioBreif brought to you by the clinical science department at HANSAmed Limited.

    The aim of this BioBreif is to help patients understand the role adjunctive therapy in periodontal disease. Due to clinical closures from the COVID-19 pandemic, patients professional oral hygiene was put on a hold. Now that clinics are starting to open, and ultrasonic scaling with aerosols are no longer feasible, patients may need more attention and adjunctive therapy.
    We know that our bodies are full of bacteria and that there are millions of different living bacteria in our mouth. When patients understand the purpose of adjunctive therapy, why they are used, what the benefits are to them, they are more inclined to go forward with treatment.

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