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    Brand: Omnia

    OMNIA® PTFE 6/0 - SUTURE 17.71", EXTRA CUTTING NEEDLE 0.39 " 3/8, 12 Pieces/Box

    Omnia surgical PTFE sutures are ideal for any implant, periodontal and bone graft procedures where the usage of a monofilament suture with low bacterial adhesion is recommended. Omnia PTFE sutures are soft, biologically inert and chemically non reactive. Compared to other monofilament synthetic sutures, PTFE sutures are well-tolerated in the oral cavity.


    Omnia PTFE Advantage

    • Resistant

    • Superior fluency in oral tissue

    • Excellent biocompatibility

    • Biologically inert

    • Monofilament

    • Comfortable and soft for the patient.

    Part Number: 411233161