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    Brand: SteriPac

    OMNIA Basic Emergency Protective Kit, 1 Assy/Kit

    The Omnia® surgical kit line offers convenient, pre-assembled procedure kits that provide your surgical team with the sterile disposable devices needed for most dental surgical procedures.

    Omnia® surgical kits are designed as the ideal solution for oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, implantologists and general dental surgeons. Driven by a focus on safety and protection, Omnia® has supplied innovative, functional and reliable products to dental surgeons and their patients for more than 20 years.

    Omnia® now supplies the needs of dental surgeons in more than 40 countries around the world.

    Package contains:

    • 1 assembly of OMNIA Basic Emergency Protective Kit

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      Part Number: 441215621

      Key Features and clinical benefits:

      • Optimize working time and costs
      • Improve efficiencies in the operating room
      • Create an optimal working environment
      • Allow you to focus on the patient
      • Single sku tracking of the sterile components

      OMNIA® kit includes:

      • 1 special plus model gown (size L), surgically folded with hand towels wrapped in medical paper, microfiber SMS, blue
      • 1 gown with cuffs, non woven, blue
      • 2 cap with adjustable laces, absorbent, non woven, blue
      • 1 patient’s round cap, absorbent, non woven, blue
      • 1 absorbent/liquid proof drape with adhesive side (50×75 cm), non woven + polyethylene, blue
      • 1 absorbent/liquid proof drape cm (75×90 cm) with adhesive U-shaped (11×9 cm), non woven + polyethylene, blue
      • 1 omnisleeve sheath (120×7 cm) long, PVC, transparent
      • 1 waste bag for contaminated material, PVC, red