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    OCEAN PACIFIC® Dynamic Nitrile, PF, size L, 200 Gloves/Bx

    Redesigned for 2014, Dynamic White Powder-free Nitrile is now manufactured using a more flexible Nitrile formulation and is just slightly thinner, providing improved comfort and dexterity.

    Because our perception of colour is affected by adjacent colours it is recommended that white gloves be worn when performing colorimetric determinations in the Laboratory or tooth shade comparisons for dental reconstructions. For this reason Dynamic White Nitrile is ideally suited for educational facilities including Chemistry Labs, Biology Labs, Dental, Medical and Veterinary schools.

    The width of palm to length of finger fit ratio for Dynamic is the most widely preferred former design on the market today. This ensures that the majority of your staff or students will find the fit of Dynamic ideal for them.

    Tapered fingertips provide a snug fingertip contour, which eliminates excess material that can snag on micro centrifuge tubes or bite wings.

    The interior of Dynamic is micro-chlorinated to facilitate ease of donning while eliminating the skin irritating residual of Calcium Carbonate coagulant often found in Nitrile Powder free gloves.

    Puncture and chemical resistance Dynamic provides serious protection from chemical and mechanical hazards as well as bloodborne pathogens including HIV and Hepatitis.

    The available in four sizes:

    • Extra Small
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large

    Package contains:

    • Largel Dynamic Nitrile, Powder Free
    • 200 Gloves/Bx
    Part Number: 331201204
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