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    A medical emergency can occur in your practice at any time, it could be an elderly patient with a complicated drug plan, a patient who is extremely nervous or a patient with an undiagnosed medical condition. It is important for the entire dental team to prepare for the event of a medical emergency by being aware of the steps that should be taken to prevent emergencies from occurring in the first place and to be fully prepared and trained in the event that they do.

    • COVID-19 and Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice

    British Dental Journal 2020, Phil Jevon et al 

    As the coronavirus continues to impact our daily lives, dental practices must continue to adjust to new ways of managing everyday situations while maintaining strict protocols to prevent the transmission of COVID 19. Many dental practices have been seeing an increase of patients requiring treatment and therefore will need to prepare for the eventuality of providing emergency medical aid to a patient in need in a safe manner. The following article aims to provide an overview of how to be prepared for and how to respond to an emergency during these challenging times.

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    • Management of Oxygen Therapy in the Dental Practice

    British Dental Journal 2019, Phil Jevon

    Oxygen is one of the most frequently used treatments in the management of medical emergencies. Proper management of oxygen therapy is crucial in a dental office. Oxygen is a lifesaving tool but if handled incorrectly can cause serious harm and even death. This article aims to provide an overview of the management of oxygen therapy in the dental office.

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