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    Thursday, September 24, 2020

    Emergency Preparedness in the new NEW

    Covid-19 has takin over our practical dental routines. There are many measures in place that ensure staff and patients are healthy and remain safe while in their care. In the dental clinic, Infection Prevention and Control is outstanding! But has anyone considered how measures may have affected emergency preparedness in the dental clinic? What’s the protocol on CPR? How is one to overcome a medical emergency while social distancing is required? This webinar is hosted by HANSAmed Limited’s emergency preparedness specialist with a focus on COVID-19 and emergency preparedness protocols in the new NEW.

    How do viruses trigger heart damage?

    Dr. Slava Epelman is deciphering immune reactions that can lead to heart failure

    Dr. Epelman’s team discovered that immune cells have different roles when the heart is attacked by a virus. Some cells work to repair tissue damaged by the infection, while others fight off infection.

    But these fighting cells may actually contribute to further damage by causing inflammation in surrounding tissue, even after a virus has been cleared.

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