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    Infection prevention and control have always played a crucial role in the management of dental practices. IPAC covers proper hand hygiene, sterilization of instruments, management of sharps and everything in between. From the front desk staff to the doctor, we are all required to continually update our protocols and ensure that these protocols are carried out in our day-to-day interactions to keep both staff and patients safe.

    • Infection Control in Dental Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2020, Alessandra Amato et al

    As members of the dental team, we recognize that we are highly at risk for COVID-19 infection. We are performing a multitude of procedures that require us to be in close proximity to patients as well as our procedures often generate high levels of aerosols with our handpieces and ultrasonic scalers, making the risk of airborne infection higher. The following article aims to provide practical advice for dentists such as patient screening, appointment planning, waiting room organization and much more to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in the clinic.

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    • Cross-contamination and Infection Control in Intraoral Digital Imaging: a comprehensive review.

    Oral Radiology 2021, Birsay Gumru et al

    In order to provide the best quality of care that we can to our patients, we know that a clinical exam alone is not enough. Digital radiographs are one of the best diagnostic tools available to us to provide faster and more accurate care to patients in the most proactive manner. However, digital radiographs are also a potential infection source since they are contaminated with saliva and sometimes blood. While the advancements of technology in digital radiographs have undoubtedly improved how practices function, we must acknowledge that they also present infection control challenges. This article aims to provide a further understanding of the risk of cross-contamination, the challenges of infection control as well as a review of the protocols that should be followed in intraoral digital imaging.

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