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    Improve bone defect repair

    The current long list of available natural and/or synthetic materials and surgical techniques makes the decision-making challenging with regards to what graft materials and surgical approach to use in oral surgery.


    This talk is going to be delivered by a clinician-scientist, with more than 60+ publications, will provide an evidence-based rationale for the use of Geistlich Bio-Oss® in combination with two novel bone anabolic conjugates of a bisphosphonate (INACTIVE alendronate) and a potent bone activating EP4 receptor agonist (EP4a) known as C3 and C6 conjugates. A study was conducted to investigate whether the conjugates prebound and released via Bio-Oss® granules have the potential to achieve rapid, enhanced and clinically significant bone regeneration. This talk will focus on this new combination of Bio-Oss® granules with conjugates that resulted in greater new bone volume and an increased rate of formation. This is expected to allow development of clinical treatments that provide more predictable and improved bone defect repair in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The results from this preclinical study were recently published in the Journal of Periodontology (JOP) which is the official publication of the American Academy of Periodontology.


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