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    HANSAmed Emesis (Vomit) Bags, Universal Face Fit - Child & Adult, 100 bags/case

    HANSAmed Limited is committed to bettering the lives of dental patients by offering solutions.
    As we continue to passionately peruse excellence, we also strive for quality by following the strict rules and regulations from the appropriate governing bodies that lead us in dentistry today.
    We take pride in our work and encourage every opportunity to challenge ourselves. In doing this, we make every effort to ensure that we have the most current and up-to-date knowledge and materials to lead clinics in being as successful as possible.
    Part Number: 561225100
    • 100 Emesis (Vomit) Bags
    • Universal Face Fit - Child & Adult
    • Mess-Free, no cleanup
    • Leak proof


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