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    Adaptors are used to assist with aspirator use.

    The Omnia adaptors for surgical aspirators are made of medical grade plastic material. The adaptors ensure targeted and safe aspiration during surgery. Available with handle and terminal tip of various conformation according to the specific needs of the doctor, they are supplied without connection tube.

    OMNIA® adhes film sheet 6.7"x10.24", 50 Adhes/Pk

    The Essential Line of adhesive film is ideal for covering all control panels, keyboards, handles and all operational surfaces that can be touched during surgical procedures thus preventing any cross contamination.

    OMNIA® Fluid-repellent drape 26.4"x29.55", 25 Drape/Bx

    These surgical drapes have been designed for the protection of both the surgeon and the patient. Our range includes drapes in two-layer non-woven fabric and Softesse®, with dimensions ranging from the smallest drape, 19.7” x 19.7” to the largest 52.4”x78.8”. Softesse® drapes are fluid-repellent and they guarantee a high barrier effect. Two-layer non-woven fabric drapes have one absorbent layer and one liquid proof layer ensuring quick absorption of body fluids without being detrimental to the structure and barrier effect of the waterproof layer.

    OMNIA® Fluid-repellent drape 52.4"x78.8" w/adhes Ushaped cut 2.56"x19.7" & loop, 10 Drape/Bx

    These patient drapes, which feature a self-adhesive U-shaped cut, are made in a variety of fabrics and dimensions in order to meet the different needs of the medical staff using them. Omnia patient drapes include 2-layers of non-woven fabric and Softesse®. Both are made of two layers making the surface 100% impermeable to fluids and micro-organisms. Omnia surgical drapes have been designed to maximize the protection of both the surgeon and the patient. They are fluid repellent to guarantee a high barrier effect. Omnia surgical drapes are available in a variety of sizes ranging from our smallest drape (19.7”x19.7”) to our largest (39.4”x 59.1”) in order to meet the various needs of the medical staff.

    The Omnia® surgical kit line offers convenient, pre-assembled procedure kits that provide your surgical team with the sterile disposable devices needed for most dental surgical procedures.

    Omnia® surgical kits are designed as the ideal solution for oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, implantologists and general dental surgeons. Driven by a focus on safety and protection, Omnia® has supplied innovative, functional and reliable products to dental surgeons and their patients for more than 20 years.

    Features and benefits:

    • Sterile
    • Fluid repellant - Non-woven fabric+PE
    • Create an optimal working environment
    • Allow you to focus on the patient

    Package contains:

    • 10 units of OMNIA® Fluid-repellent drape 52.4"x78.8" w/adhesive U-shaped cut 2.56"x19.7" & loop

    OMNIA® PTFE 6/0 - SUTURE 17.71", EXTRA CUTTING NEEDLE 0.39 " 3/8, 12 Pieces/Box

    Omnia surgical PTFE sutures are ideal for any implant, periodontal and bone graft procedures where the usage of a monofilament suture with low bacterial adhesion is recommended. Omnia PTFE sutures are soft, biologically inert and chemically non reactive. Compared to other monofilament synthetic sutures, PTFE sutures are well-tolerated in the oral cavity.


    Omnia PTFE Advantage

    • Resistant

    • Superior fluency in oral tissue

    • Excellent biocompatibility

    • Biologically inert

    • Monofilament

    • Comfortable and soft for the patient.

    OMNIA® Transparent bag 26.4"-29.55"with sliding strings (physiodispenser or controlling), 12 Pcs/Bx

    This transparent cover with self-adhesive sides allows the clinician to keep the Physiodispenser or control unit sterile while still being able to change settings and monitor the indications on the display.

    Clearance (Surgical Essentials)