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    Brand: Aminogam

    Aminogam Starter Kit for 4 patients (4 Gels + 2 Sprays + 2 Mouthwashes)

    The Aminogam products contain sodium salt of hyaluronic acid 1.2% and selected amino acids 2% leading to collagen formation. This novel combination is scientifically proven to accelerate wound healing, promote angiogenesis and stimulates fibroblasts. These products have been beneficial to patients in multiple oral pathology requiring pain relief and rapid wound healing.

    Aminogam® accelerates wound healing, promotes angiogenesis and the release of VEGF by fibroblasts, and therefore may be successfully used in treatment of several oral pathological conditions in which accelerated repair of the surgical solution is of benefit for the patient.

    The Aminogam Starter Kit can be used for 4 patients. Aminogam® products are available in three presentations: a Gel, a Spray and a Mouthwash.This Aminogam Starter Kit contains 4 Gels, 2 Sprays, and 2 Mouthwashes.

    Aminogam Indications:

    • Oral surgery (protection of surgical and suture wounds)
    • Extractive surgery (regeneration of the alveolus and prevention of post-extractive alveolitis)
    • Regenerative, periodontal and implant surgery
    • Pre-prosthetic and orthodontal surgery
    • Major and minor laser surgery
    • Orthodontic and prosthetic traumatic situations
    • Protection of vital tooth stumps in patients with fixed prosthesis or with dental hypersensitivity
    • Ulcerous boils of the oral mucous (auto-immune, vasculitic and infective)

    Key Benefits:

    • Aminogam products provides a protective action, promoting fast healing of ulcerative and erosive lesions, and oral wounds
    • Accelerates wound healing in elderly and improve quality of life
    • Rapid healing of soft tissue even in open healing
    • Reduction in degree of mucosal defect after surgery
    • Reduction of time between surgical procedure and suture removal
    • Decrease in post-operative pain
    • Decrease in use of NSAID (pain killers) after surgery
    • Decrease infection
    • Decrease in infection and related complication


    • Use Aminogam Products 3 times daily for 7 days or until symptoms get resolved

    The Aminogam Starter Kit contains:

    • 4 Aminogam Gel 15ml
    • 2 Aminogam Spray 15ml
    • 2 Aminogam Mouthwash 200ml
    Part Number: 261201404